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Hello, Kiddoes!

Amberlynn Fraser (that’s me!) is a writer with many and varied interests. This blog was created to share and discuss interests, reviews, and inspire others to follow their dreams and discover new and exciting things, ranging from entertainment mediums to recipes and activities. Most people in the writing industry will tell you to specialize, however, I have always been a jane of all trades and many interests. I usually focus primarily on music and movie reviews, but occasionally dip into the waters of tips, general life posts, and more! On top of that, I am always willing to try new ideas and explore different avenues of writing. Explore my blog categories to get started on the adventure and discussion with me!

Professional Writing Services

While started as a way to creatively grow and speak to the wonderful world of the internet, my blog also serves as an online portfolio for my writing career. As well as blogging, I offer a range of professional writing services on a freelance basis. Looking for quality content for your website or a guest blogger for a post? With years of experience in the writing industry and quality skills, I offer well researched and well-written content with SEO optimization as requested. Services are deadline oriented and available as needed. Want to get started on your new content today? Use the contact form to shoot me a request! Response turnaround is within the day.

Betty & Wraith in a Stare off

Betty & Wraith Comics

As a side hobby, I love to draw. I’ve been drawing for over 8 years in the style of comics and manga. While I may not be very good, drawing is a way for me to take situations or images I see during my life or just my day and refocus them with a funny context. I love to share and get creative feedback as, even after drawing for so long, there is still room for improvement! Check them out in the Comics tab and as always let me know your thoughts!

Thanks, and happy reading!